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Industrial Strength Zippers for Government & Military Applications

ITW has developed waterproof zipper and fastener elements for numerous military and government projects, MaxiGrip is used for barrier closure protection. Our large Heavy Duty Tent Zippers are even used in wrapping tanks in armament dry storage for the U.S. Military. MaxiGrip military zippers are made in the USA in our NJ facility, so it is Berry Compliant.

Additional Government and Military Zipper Applications Include:

Apparel: Chemical/Gas Protection, Uniforms

Collective Protection Shelters: Survivable Shelter Systems (Joint Transportable Collective Protection Systems)

Emergency Response: Medical Containers and Transport Bags, Sterile Equipment, Body Bags

Equipment: Waterproof Dry Bags, Gear Bags, Nuclear/Radiation/Biological Protection, Waterproof Tents

Fire Brigade: Firefighter Uniforms, Equipment Protection, Toxic Spillage Chemical Biological Solution

Storage Containment: Covers/Storage for Tanks, Trucks, Jeeps, and Equipment

Tents: Barracks, Kitchen, Clinics, Armament Corrosion Prevention

Heavy Duty Zippers for Medical, Commercial and Consumer Applications

Many commercial and consumer products start from military roots and MaxiGrip protective closures are a perfect example of this. Battlefield tested, they can certainly meet any commercial zipper or consumer zipper need. While its current applications range from Heavy Duty Tent Zippers for waterproof tents to a bonded zipper for dry bags and watertight closures for outdoor recreation, there are many products that can benefit from MaxiGrip's industrial strength zippers functionality.

Additional Commercial Zipper Applications Include:

Advertising: Outdoor Signage, Exterior Banners, Airplane Banners, Storage and Transportation of Large Outdoor Ads, Scrolling Billboards

Apparel: Safety & Protection, Gas Masks, Hazmat Suits

Automotive Interiors: Seats, Armrests, Air Bags

Automotive Exteriors: Tarps for Transportation & Storage

Construction: Roll-Down Wall Systems, Window Shades, Waste Containment/Landfill Liners

Containers and Large Flexible Packaging (Pet Food, Fertilizer Bags, Bulk Containers) for Wholesale or Big Box Stores

Entertainment: Inflatable Castles, Hot Air Balloons, Instrument and Equipment Storage Bags

Furniture Covers: Mattress/Upholstery Covers to Restrict Fluid & Allergens

Hospitality: Furniture Design, Suit Bags Mattress/Pillow Covers, Furniture Storage

Hospitals: Biohazard Bags, Surgery Apparel, Body Bags, Tableware Storage, Bedding Covers, Collection Bags

Laboratories: Biohazard Bags

Shipping/Storage: Flexible Bulk Container, Hazmat Packaging

Sporting Events/Festivals: Heavy Duty Tarps, Waterproof Party Tents, Canopies Watersports Equipment, Racing Suits

Sporting Goods--Dry Bags, Hydration Packs, Camping Tents, Tarps, Canopies for Recreational Use, Racing Suits, Hunting Dead Kill Bags, E-cases

Watersports: Wetsuits/Waterproof Clothing, Commercial Deep-sea Diving Suits Yachting/Boating--Interior Trim, Protective Covers & Containers

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