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ITW MaxiGrip Corporate Profile

As a brand of Illinois Tool Works, ITW MaxiGrip began manufacturing plastic zippers to be applied to U.S military tank covers for armament dry storage in 1985. Today, the ITW MaxiGrip closure system can be found on products serving critical containment needs for military, government, and emergency use worldwide. MaxiGrip waterproof zippers practicality has been quickly embraced in the commercial and consumer sector for products ranging from party and waterproof tents, to ball field tarps to waterproof dry bag storage for water sports. Its applications continue to evolve and adapt to emerging needs. A foreshadowing indicator of future applications for MaxiGrip may have been predicted by Hollywood a long time ago with its use in blockbuster films such as ET and Twelve Monkeys. 

ITW Maxigrip is a part of the product line offered by ITW Electronic Component Packaging Systems. The ITW-ECPS division provides a wide range of transport and handling solutions for the back-end semiconductor and electronic components industry as well as other material and component solutions for various end markets in automotive, medical, data center, EV/ESS and more.

ITW is a Fortune 200 global industrial manufacturer of value-added consumables and specialty equipment with related service businesses. The company focuses on generating profitable growth with strong returns and free operating cash flow across its worldwide businesses. ITW businesses serve local customers and markets around the globe, with a significant presence in developed as well as emerging markets. The company has operations in 52 countries that employ approximately 43,000 women and men who adhere to the highest ethical standards. These talented individuals, many of whom have specialized engineering or scientific expertise, contribute to our global leadership in innovation. We are proud of our broad portfolio of nearly 18,500 active patents.


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Other ITW divisions of interest to manufacturers of barrier protection and plastic zippers include:

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